The wrist bones are connected to the elbow bones, the elbows bones are connected to the sholder bones, the shoulder bones are connected to the neck bones, the neck bones are connected to the head. Anywhere along this whole track, imagine the strings on a puppet all connecting into your wrist and hand. The wrist and hand are so agile and perform so many tasks, so there are many strings.

My job is to figure out which string is too loose or too tight. Sometimes strings get stuck together and nerves can get trapped causing pain.

In an Acuncpute treatment we assess your pain and discomfort based on the movements that aggravate it and then we work through the layers of strings. We unstick them with specific needling techniques and massage or cupping. We warm the areas through with Moxibustion.

I love treating carpal tunnel a very common wrist problem. It’s incredible finding how far up the track the tightness runs. And I love the resulting relief Acupuncture brings.

Getting into the hand and wrist and arm after a fracture also restores movement and accelerates natural healing.


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ACC will help cover the cost of Acupuncture therapy if your injury has resulted in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Flexor Tendon Rupture of the Hand or Wrist, Fracture of the Scaphoid (closed), Fracture of the Carpal Bone, Sprain of the Wrist or Hand, Sprain of the Tendon of the Wrist or Hand, Open Wound to the Wrist, Contusion of the Wrist or Hand, Crush Injury of the Wrist or Hand or a Burn to the Hand or Wrist.