Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Diet and Nutrition

My approach to diet is two-fold. Firstly, sorting out your diet is the most straight forward road to health. The Classical Chinese Medicine perspective on food and dietary therapy is the same as it views herbs. They are all on the same continuum. Foods/herbs can be hot or cold, they can have a descending or ascending or dispersing energetic quality to them.

I am also passionate about vitamins and minerals. To receive the bounty of these in our food from the earth, we need to be eating at least 7 handfuls of veggies every day. Who does that? Our soil quality isn't what it used to be and many of our foods are grown in greenhouses in water and don't contain the mineral content that they should. Sometimes we might need a little top-up. This can be achieved with supplements.

Besides looking at the signs and symptoms you may have, looking into your blood test results we can often see what might be missing. We can also send you for more specific tests.

The other component is the way in which our digestion is functioning. How well is the body absorbing the micronutrients from our food? We can remedy this by changing the diet, using acupuncture and acupressure on the abdomen, drinking herbs, and treating the whole body in a holistic manner not ignoring what is happening emotionally too.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has been documented since at least the 3rd century BCE. Its long practice has been studied and refined over time with modern scientific research currently also supporting its role as an important remedy in the treatment of human ailments. The most characteristic attribute about this particular form of herbal medicine is in its formula composition. Herbs are not administered on their own, but in combination, where the herbs interact synergistically producing an overall therapeutic effect. This method along with the Chinese medicine diagnostics gives rise to a very sophisticated system of healthcare. A herbal medicine consultation involves the taking of an in-depth medical history, detailing your current condition, pulse and tongue diagnosis. Herbal formulae may be prescribed in granules that are dissolved in hot water and drank, in raw herb format that are boiled up, in capsules or as a foot soak. Some formulas can be taken ongoing and some will be switched up constantly as we chase out pathology.

Supplements & Nutrients

Sometimes no matter how much Acupuncture we do, things don't turn around, because there are fundamental building blocks missing from what we are offering our bodies.

By looking at symptoms, and also at blood tests we can determine what may be missing from the diet.

The Acupuncture Sanctuary takes pride in sourcing high quality potent practitioner-only supplements that are available on the world-wide market.

Some of the brands we stock include Thorne, Seeking Health, Pure Encapsulations, Metagenics, Bioconcepts, Naturobest and Eagle.

We do aim to help our patients make dietary shifts to be able to receive all the micronutrients they need from food alone.

Let's look at your Diet together