Functional Medicine and the Chinese Medicine perspective on your blood test results

Been told your blood test results are fine. Yes, they are totally fine, they don't show up any diseases right now. But wouldn't you like to know if there were any headed your way?

By looking at your blood test results from a functional medicine perspective we are narrowing the parameters. We are looking to see if your results are really optimal. For example, your blood sugar reading may be fine and so you are not considered diabetic, but perhaps your blood sugar result was already at the high end of normal. Perhaps if you knew this you would know that diabetes is lurking around the corner if you don't tidy up your eating routine.

By looking through your results we can also spot if there are any particular nutrients you might be missing from your diet. This is such a great tool in turning your health around if you are stuck and already having some troubles.

This is also great if you don't feel 100% but also haven't been diagnosed with anything from your GP.

At your first visit, we like to review your last blood test results. We can also refer you out to LabTests (privately) and for other Functional Medicine testing.

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