Gua Sha 刮痧

Gua Sha is used alot at The Acupuncture Sanctuary especially during a treatment of the Sinews – the fascia and muscle.

Gua Sha is the technique of scraping the skin to bring “sha” up to the surface. “Sha” 痧 – means granules, sand or pebbles, so you end up with a redness on the skin.

Why do we do this? During a sinew treatment we are helping the body clear pathology out of a superficial channel. We can do this with needling, or with scraping.

This technique is similar to cupping but has more of an emphasis on moving, and doesn’t seek to bring the blood up in the same way.

It’s a soothing feeling and a great substitute to needling for sensitive or sore areas.

Gua Sha is also used in cosmetology treatment on the face to even out and smooth the tissues.

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