It is mind-boggling how much research is coming out describing the microbiome and how it relates to so many different systems in our body. It has effects on the mind, the GI tract, our immune response just to name a few.

The microbiome is the milieu of bacteria, viruses and fungi that co-exist with us in and on our bodies. There are microbes that digest our food and clean our eyebrows. They help us out when we catch a cold. It pays for us to keep them happy and in check. Issues with the microbiome are often due to certain microbes multiplying too fast and dominating a certain space that should be better shared. The greater the diversity of the microbiome, the better health results. Microbes have their favourite things they like to eat, and they all like different things, so we need a diverse diet to keep them happy. They all go nuts on sugar and get excited and can easily rock havoc then.

At the Acupuncture Sanctuary, we use Acupuncture, as well as Abdominal Acupressure to regulate the GI tract. We also look at what you’re eating and provide advice on how to easily make tweaks to ameliorate your gut health.

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