Diet and Nutrition

My approach to diet is two fold. Firstly, sorting out your diet is the most straight forward road to health. The Classical Chinese Medicine perspective on food and dietary therapy is the same as it views herbs. They are all on the same continuum. Foods/herbs can be hot or cold, they can have a descending or ascending or dispersing energetic quality to them.

I am also passionate about vitamins and minerals. To receive the the bounty of these in our food from the earth, we need to be eating at least 7 handfuls of veggies everyday. Who does that? Our soil quality isn’t what it used to be and many of ours foods are grown in green houses in water and don’t contain the mineral content that they should. Sometimes we might need a little top up. This can be achieved with supplements.

Besides looking at the signs and symptoms you may have, looking into your blood test results we can often see what might be missing. We can also send you for more specific tests.

The other component is the way in which out digestion is functioning. How well is the body absorbing the micronutrients from our food? We can remedy this by changing the diet, using acupuncture and acupressure on the abdomen, drinking herbs, and treating the whole body in a holistic manner not ignoring what is happening emotionally too.

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