Nau mai, haere mai

Welcome to the Acupuncture Sanctuary

At the Acupuncture Sanctuary I do more than just alleviate pain. Here you will be heard and given new perspectives, offered tools to feel empowered and more in tune with your body, and find clarity around your health.

My approach to healing is centred around listening and gathering diverse resources to share with you.

My intention is to guide you to a sense of wholeness and fluidity so that you can get on with your life.

I look forward to working with you,

Dr Ada Sobieszczuk (TCM)
BSc (Hons) TCM, London UK
Bachelor of Medicine, Beijing CHINA


What we Treat

What we can help you with

We have experience treating all sorts of aches & pains, we treat injuries old & new, we treat disorders pertaining to gynaecology, gastroenterology, cardiology and more. Contact us to inquire about your specific situation. We are here to help.

Tools of the trade

How we can help you

Video on keeping well through the Winter

As part of our mission on educating the public on all facets of Chinese medicine, I have created a short video on avoided colds in the Winter and what to do if you catch one.

About Us

We Guide Your Body To Heal Itself

Our goal is to treat patients using traditional techniques of Acupuncture along with herbal medicines prepared from all natural ingredients, dietary advice and high quality nutritional supplements.

Classical Acupuncture
We use Acupuncture to unblock blockages to improve flow and restore or nourish to replenish the body.
We look at your blood tests and determine whether you are getting everything you need for your body to function optimally.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
We can prescribe herbal medicine for you to use at home between sessions in the form of a boil-up, tea or foot soak.
We are happy to work with you if you have an ACC claim for an injury and will assist in your recovery.

Radio Interview on 95bfm

Here’s my interview with Charlotte Ryan on 95bfm recorded in 2012.

100% Positive Reviews

Thousands of Happy Patients

Jon-Paul Hendriksen

Jon-Paul Hendriksen

Personal Trainer

“I am a competitive elite runner and have had massages from many different therapists, but none have been anywhere near as good as Ada is.”




“Ada really understands her medicine and knows how to bring the best out of your body whether its regular aches and pains or treating an injury.”

Michelle Dabrowski

Michelle Dabrowski


“Ada has met the particular mysteries of my body with compassion, grace and professionalism. She’s the gem of Titirangi!”

Kim Pannell

Kim Pannell

Practice Services Manager

“I have found Ada’s knowledge of injuries and recommendations of possible treatments extremely interesting and her manner very comforting.”


Frequently Asked ACC Questions

Accident Compensation Corporation ACC

If you currently have an injury that has been approved by ACC you are entitled to Acupuncture therapy. All you require is your ACC claim number. ACC will contribute towards your payment. ACC funds Acupuncture as well as Cupping, Moxibustion and Tuina (Chinese medical massage).

Once your ACC claim has been lodged you will receive a text message to confirm that your claim has been accepted. Later you will receive a letter in the post also confirming that your claim has been accepted. In the top right hand corner you will find your ACC45 claim number. If you haven’t received this letter at the time of making your Acupuncture appointment, you can email, text or ring through with your NHI number and we can determine where your claim is at. Please kindly sent this through before your session.

As an Acupuncturist ACC provider I am unable to lodge your initial ACC claim. If you’ve been to A&E or the White Cross you probably completed an ACC claim form then. If your injury is not as severe you can see your GP, a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath who can make the initial assessment & diagnosis and put your ACC claim in. Once your ACC claim has been accepted you will be able to receive subsided Acupuncture treatment. If you are unsure of who to see, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a referral.

ACC will cover part payment of your Acupuncture session. Your session may also include Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), Cupping and/or Moxibustion. Please see our services section for more information on these.